Material Info

PE versus PVC

For many years artificial Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands and related items have been

constructed of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) material. PVC was easy to control and shape, and

provided the most realistic duplication of nature's design. PVC is still very popular and
continues to be used in today's manufacturing processes.




PVC Close-up

But now, advances in technology have given birth to a new construction  process that has

really taken artificial Christmas Trees to the next level. PE (polyethylene) is a material that

creates an even more realistic product that not only looks like the branches of a tree but
also  feels like the real thing.




PE Close-up

The branch tips of PE trees are molded from actual tree branches and then combined with

conventional PVC material creating the most realistic reproduction available.

These Christmas Trees are so life-like that it's difficult to tell the difference between our trees

and the real thing!